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About Malory Investment Services

Within the financial services industry and amongst our client base, Malory Investment Services have gained a reputation for providing high quality personal independent financial advice as we are able to help clients choose the very best and most competitive products from the whole of the marketplace.

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Roderick Manson


The Director of the Company Roddy Manson has over thirty years experience in the Financial Services industry.  Roddy is qualified and licensed to give advice on all aspects of financial matters including mortgage and protection cover in both the corporate and domestic markets and has an enviable reputation for professionalism and levels of service.

We deal with corporate accounts, companies and of course, individual clients.  Our services are called upon by a firm of solicitors when they require technical expertise with regard to financial planning matters.

Unlike many financial advisers, we simply do not resolve one financial challenge for our clients.  We take a broader view, and offer an entire financial package tailored to your lifestyle.

We have developed a programme of financial planning centred on long-term relationships and a philosophy of sustainable investment.  Sustainability is the cornerstone of our investment strategy.

We advise on all aspect of financial services.  Areas we deal with are Inheritance Tax Planning, Investments, Health Insurance, Life Assurance Individual or Corporate Pensions and Mortgage advice.

To find out how Malory Investment Services can help you get the advice you need please either call us on 0141 637 6735 or Email us on

Inheritance Tax Planning advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority